double digit growth in each

Every California Tortilla features a Wall of Flame, a towering display of 75 distinct hot sauces, ranging from mild to tongue melting, allowing guests to further customize the flavor and heat level of their meal.”Other Mexican restaurants in the fast casual space offer limited menu options. Consumers want more; they want fresh, they want quality and they want imagination and flavor,” said Keith Goldman, Chief Operating Officer at California Tortilla. “So we created an expansive menu that takes the basics of Mexican cuisine and blend them with bold flavors to create unique crave inducing menu options.”With consumers currently spending more than $8.9 billion in Mexican fast casual restaurants each year, California Tortilla is targeting growth in large metropolitan areas and suburban locations in strip malls.

And in Q1, those markets did exactly that; all growing at strong double digit rates, thus contributing the vast maturity of our group’s top line growth. We have every confidence that this overall momentum will be sustainable going forward and forecast double digit growth in each of those markets for the full year 2016. From a brand perspective as well, it is exactly those categories driving sales growth today that will also be key to take our top line to new heights over the next five years..

Stanley Cherkasky is the Managing Partner of Change Management Consulting, Inc. (CMC). Founder of the firm, Stan is the principal architect of the Performance Improvement BreakthroughTM methodology, and the Six Sigma Lean AdvantageTM innovative and proven strategies that accelerate ROI and net income improvement, build customer loyalty, and create world class recognition..

The only witness of the five still living in China described being arrested, in 1990, for attempting to commemorate the first anniversary. Chen Qinglin was then arrested again in 1992, 1997, 1999 and 2009. During this trip,wholesale jerseys from china he learned some of his friends had been detained again, placed under house arrest, or warned not to do anything to mark the date..

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